What Might Have Been – another oldie

Another old one, a little rough, could use some tweaking, but here we go…. 

In another place, another time, we would have met before.
This connection I’m feeling wouldn’t need to be ignored.
We could have laughed and enjoyed each other,
the endless possibilities could have been explored.

Instead fate shines a bitter light on what might have been.
It gives me a window into what I’ve always wanted,
Makes me laugh, smile, and feel only to pull it away again.
Fate is playing at my expense.

I am desperate to ignore what my heart is feeling.
My body is alive with desire.
I have to push it down, ignore the flames.
Fate is playing such an ugly game.

If only I could have known those years ago what might have been.
I would have suffered willingly any pain if we could be together then.
I guess it’s all just cruel twists and turns,
and I must forget how deep this passion burns.

I’ll keep these thoughts to myself,
for this could all be one-sided.
I’ll extinguish the embers of these dreams
and continue to wish for bigger things.

I will close tight my eyes,
be blind to this fire inside,
ignore these thoughts and feelings too,
for what might have been, can’t be with you.


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