From my high school days….

I was looking for a notebook for something and stumbled across some high school and junior high works. That was a long time ago and clearly they need some work, but not bad for a high school kid….so here they are:


I see the time has come,
When I must bid goodbye.
Yet I don’t know what to say,
So many tears shall I cry.
I think of you so often,
But do you think of me,
Or am I just,
A fading memory?
I can’t tell you what I feel,
For I know it is not shared.
Forgive me for wishing,
That you truly cared.
Now I finally know,
That all my fears are true,
Yet I can no longer,
Cry my eyes out over you.
I wish that things weren’t changing,
But I must face reality.
Everything is different,
And all that’s left is me.
I remember when we were young,
And time went too slow.
But now I wish I could,
go back to what I know.
I cannot stand to question,
but there is nothing I won’t ask.
I’m starting to wonder, what,
just what, is my task.
I see my life before me,
It’s fading oh so fast.
I want to stop the clock,
and look if it’s my last.
With time moving on,
I don’t know where I am.
I only know my feelings,
and those I can’t comprehend.
I know my time has come,
to part with you I know.
God help me in the future,
to calm my every woe.
For as I say goodbye,
my tiny heart is breaking.
And I watch my bitter hand,
Slowly stop shaking.


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