. . . And Then There Were None

Also, an old one….this was when a family member passed on. I was struggling as we weren’t always close.

Slowly, in a steady manner,
as if with no control,
I drift into the building,
and glance at all the souls.
I look upon the facades,
of all that are about,
phony expressions and kindness,
each one in doubt.
Who is just a follower,
here only for the game?
Who is truly sorry?
Who wishes that they came?
The answers to these questions,
I will never know.
But here I sit in silence,
hidden in the show.
The words escape me,
for what was said.
I did not notice,
too captivated by the dead.
My eyes glued to his face,
his body so refined,
and when my name was called,
I too got in line.
Now fighting back the tears,
still fixed on his face,
start to look deeper at his body,
but his soul left no trace.
Upon the place before me,
I reach down with my hand,
stop myself from feeling,
the coldness of a dead man.
I think that time
has left me unaware,
for how to handle myself,
when no one else seems to care.
But now I leave the room,
the same way I came in,
No emotion to show,
for I feel nothing within.


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