Into the pool I jump – again, the dating pool that is

It’s another sweltering day outside. The 4th of July, the great birthday of our nation. I did the traditional neighborly thing and enjoyed a bar-b-Que with my community. I’m about to embark on a short ride to see my niece and nephew, but needed a few moments in the A/C to recoup from the sun.

I finally took the plunge – again. Last night I created my online dating profile. The words make me cringe. Online dating has never been a pleasant experience and I have given up on it several times before, according to friends without giving it a fair chance. So I’m really trying this time. A friend used his iPhone to take some photos of me and I created a profile, that I hope hits on the right notes.

Dating is kind of like entering this unknown abyss and at this point in my life, dating stopped being fun. I’m really hoping to find that fun piece of dating again. Even if my Mr. Right is not on this site and this experience ends without a sole mate, I’d just like to have a few experiences on a date where I don’t want to scrape out my eyeballs. Because if we are being totally honest, my last long term relationship ended after many years of on-again-off-again and way too much of my heart on the line for a guy that cheated on me multiple times and I was too weak to stand up for something better. I’m not that young stupid girl anymore who needs reassurance. I don’t need a man, but I would certainly like someone to spend my life with, someone to make me smile, someone to laugh with, someone to just sit with quietly for awhile. Of course, if this fails, maybe I’ll just get a dog……lol


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