Touch of fate

As I sit here looking out at the hot sun, the trees blowing gently in the calm wind

I think about how quickly things can change.

I remember the pea soup colored sky,

the sound of the storm blowing in,

the feeling of fear as we huddled in the basement.

I am lucky that where I live, storms like these are rare.

When they do hit, they rank low on an overall scale.

I could only imagine the devastation of a strong one,

to walk back out of the basement and have your world forever changed,

to see your home in ruins, your memories scattered, your possessions destroyed.

We work so hard for the things we have in life.

Our home is our safe place, where nothing bad should touch.

When that safe place is attacked, destroyed, how can we not be destroyed,

at least a little, right along with it?

I can’t really understand why acts of God happen,

why one house is destroyed and the neighbor is untouched,

but I can learn that some questions won’t be answered in life.

I can hope that the lesson is one in strength and unity.

God bless those who are affected by such storms, such pain.

God bless those looking to rebuild, to start again.

God bless those less fortunate and keep them forever more.


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