Thinking of You

I’m listening to the rain pounding on my roof,

hot cup of coffee in my hand, curled up comfortably on the couch.

I should be thinking peaceful thoughts, but instead I’m missing you.

You would be 45 this summer, seems like a lifetime ago.

You’d be inspiring me with confidence for my exam, my work.

You always knew how to keep me calm, grounded, strong.

You made my work, my career fun, less like a job.

You taught me so much about life, people, happiness.

You smiled everyday, laughed even harder, joked with the best.

Your heart was bigger than the solar system.

Your mind was an entire computer network.

Not a day passes that I still don’t think of you, wish you could be here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for my life, my gifts;

but I wonder why I was allowed to stay and you were taken from us.

Who am I in this world? You were a father, a husband, a friend.

Who was I at that age, even now in comparison?

I’ve been thinking even more of you lately as I study once again.

I can see your smiling face encouraging me all the way.

With you as my guide, I have confidence that I can do this.

Terrified though I may be of the investment I’m making,

if you whisper in my ear the answers will come.

I’d like to think some of your knowledge transferred to me.

You were after all the guru of your time.

I’d like to think I learned from your wisdom,

and that one day some of that wisdom might be mine.

I miss you my dear, dear friend.

Hoping you are looking down on all of us, with a smile.

Wishing I can one day understand.

Hoping life there after is a true paradise,

for you deserve nothing less.

God bless my dear friend….


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