I feel a pain from deep inside I haven’t heard from in a while,

this familiar pinging in my brain, nagging at me like a child.

I thought I finally stitched myself completely back together,

that all illusions had been shattered and bad times weathered.

Was I so wrong to drop my guard; has it snuck its way back in?

Has loneliness made its home inside me once again?

My heart was resting comfortably, while I let my head drive.

Who gave my heart permission to step once again outside?

I need to lock her up again, and hide away this nasty key;

for I can’t afford to be distracted by hopes and dreams that may never be.

I get through life, one day at a time, never doubting in today,

because there is no going back to fix all that has brought me to this day.

I cannot seem to close this door, never really tight for good.

Some part of me yearns for more, for love, just like she thinks she should.

So I struggle once again with loneliness from deep down in my soul,

For I can’t win a battle with myself, if the demon takes control.


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