I miss you every day that goes by,

but here it is Mother’s Day and I think of you more.

I draw on you for strength and courage,

as you exemplified these qualities.

You were a hero to everyone who knew and loved you.

I think of you with everything I do, from cooking, cleaning, to writing.

I think of you when I’m angry, and how you’d swear in Italian.

I think of you when I’m sad, and how you’d always pick us back up again.

I think of you when life is good, because I wish you were here to see it.

I laugh at old stories, jokes, things you used to do or say.

I go into a store to buy cookies, knowing they won’t compare to yours.

I sing with dad around the campfire, and I can hear you singing too.

But most of all, I feel you in my presence, every time we’ve needed you.

You are the angel that watches over us, guides us everyday.

I believe that with you beside me, I will never go astray.




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