One year ago

cancer_ribbonCancer ribbon courtesy of:

Today, 5/7/13 is the one year anniversary of something very important and so even rough draft form….here we go….

One year ago today I walked the streets of New York.
I lit a candle in St. Patrick’s.
I said a thousand prayers.
I clutched my father’s hands in mine.

Before bed that night I reminisced about the past,
I even laughed a time or two.
In bed I closed my eyes, but that didn’t stop the weeping.
It’s hard to stay quiet while tears are overcoming you.

For the first time my father didn’t hate the big city,
it was as much his friend as his enemy.
The craziness, the traffic, the rushing,
but it brought with it the promise of a new day.

I was learning, and I didn’t know how much,
to love a city I’d been taught to fear.
I was learning to trust a place,
that I was once taught never to trust.

New York had come a long way since I was a child,
a long way since my parents had been there before.
It wasn’t the dangerous city people once spoke of.
The train station wasn’t what I knew from even a few years before.

After months of anticipation and fear,
the day we had been anxiously awaiting was finally here.
It would be a day that ultimately would bring joy,
but it would take all day to get there.

There is no more evil word than cancer,
no matter how many times or how many ways you hear it.
But this big amazing city was the answer to our prayers,
the light at the end of a dreary tunnel.

For a few weeks, a month, though it felt like years,
New York became my second home, his too.
We saw very little of the city itself,
outside of the cold hospital walls.

I heard the traffic outside his window every day,
I saw the same hot dog vendor most days at lunch,
I took the same walk to and from the hotel for my shower,
And I occasionally had the same cab driver.

And while these things became routine, he healed.
Something incredible healed in me too.
I wasn’t only relieved that he was on the mend,
But I had a new love, a new friend.

I owe everything to that city, that hospital.
They saved his life, they gave me hope,
They gave us as a family a future,
God answered our prayers in a big way.

One year ago today, I said a thousand prayers.
Prayers for hope for the future.
Today, I say a thousand more prayers,
Of thank you, for the future.


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