Just a Dream

I light a dismal fire and take in the stars.
The clear night sky is filled with angels from afar,
shining down on me brilliant as the sun,
painting pictures from Heaven with each glorious one.

I lay down on the sand, soft and warm beneath me,
rest my hands over my heart, and let my mind wander.
Listening to the crackling of the fire beside me,
all the Earth just fades away and I am one with the sea.

I close my eyes to hear the waves roaring at the shore.
I can smell the seaweed filling the cool night air.
A breeze comes in and hugs me, chilling to my bones,
but all of this is peaceful, as if returning home.

Some time later, the fire has now died.
The sun is lifting slowly from far off in the sky.
The birds are flying back and forth, overhead of me now.
The tide is closing in fiercely beating at my skin.
I take one last deep breath, holding the scene near and dear,
for when I open my eyes, it will have been just a dream.


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