“I come here to find myself…..”

Photo Courtesy of Lonnie Spath (@lonnie_spath)

Photo Courtesy of Lonnie Spath (@lonnie_spath)

Today I went to Five Rivers. I barely remember the place. I haven’t been there since I was a little kid. As I entered the first path I saw an incredible gazebo with a plaque. The quote on the plaque said, “I come here to find myself. It is so easy to get lost in the world”, by John Burroughs. The moment I read the quote I lit up with a smile. I had found the perfect place to come write, walk, and just relax for the afternoon. Maybe I’ll escape there often like John.

What a beautiful day! The sun was shining bright; the sky had only a handful of fluffy bleach white clouds floating in it. The birds were chirping back and forth to each other, as if conversing. I walked the trails down to the water, over the bridges, through the trees and along several paths. On my favorite path, or at least so far, there’s a wide stream in front of you. It’s not deep at all, so shallow in fact that children were playing it in. You could see wood in the water from old trees, making what looked liked steps. This went on for quite some distance. I followed the trail to the other side of the path, up a hill and then back down by the water again. On this side, there was a bench perfectly placed under the shade of a beautiful collection of trees. The water was flowing in front of me, making just enough noise to drown out the children playing. The bees were off in the distance by the dandelions and I had the perfect place to write, read, or study. Today, I did all of the above.

As I sat there, for what felt like minutes, but really was hours, I felt so calm and peaceful. There is something about sitting by water, whether it be an ocean, lake, river, or stream, that just screams peacefulness to me. Maybe it’s the rushing of the waves or the cool breeze that so often comes off the water, but I find these locations to be ideal. I can’t believe I’ve lived most of my life in this same area and never really revisited this place. It’s amazing the hidden wonders that are literally in our backyards if we only look with wide enough eyes and an open mind.

I didn’t write anything profound today. I just wrote about the beauty that stood before me. I studied for my upcoming certification exam and even that seemed less painful in such a gorgeous setting. I know this for certain, I will be back there soon. I look forward to my next escape.


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