Something old

His eyes were a powerful weapon.
They drew her in with great intensity.
They had a sparkle so bright, it lit the way to his soul.
She walked toward him slowly, legs shaking.
She felt her hands go clammy and her heart beat faster.
She stopped for but a moment to catch her breath.
When he touched her the world disappeared.
Soft subtle music played in her head as they danced in the moonlight.
No words were spoken.
His skin was warm and smooth against hers.
She could taste him before his lips even touched hers.
He smelled like the cool sea air and it reminded her of their past.
She tried not to blink for fear it would all somehow fade away.
For a second she wanted to speak,
To tell him she loved him still.
But the words would not escape her mouth,
Her mind began to fill with memories.
She sighed aloud as they finished dancing.
With a smile and a tear in her eye,
She placed her lips to his cheek, her hand on his heart.
Quickly, almost furiously, she turned away.
She walked back from where she had come, legs twitching.
She dried away her tears, wiped her lips, and continued walking.


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